Owner Registration


  • All UNPAVED products can be registered by their owners.
    By bringing your smartphone close to the touchmark on the woven label, you can read the information from the NFC chip, which will then take you to the owner registration site. Simply input the required information on the registration screen to complete the owner registration. *Owner information to be registered includes email addresses and SNS accounts; addresses and phone numbers are not required.


    *登録するオーナー情報は メールアドレスやSNSアカウントを差し、住所や電話番号などは必要ありません

Handling precautions


Characteristics of Cashmere / カシミヤ製品の特長

Cashmere products are known for their unique soft touch, lightweight and flexibility, and their ability to provide both warmth and moisture-wicking properties.


Caution / 注意すること

Due to the nature of the material, cashmere products may develop pilling or fuzziness due to factors such as washing and friction during wear. Exercise caution, especially when wearing them over coarse-textured fabrics like wool flannel or tweed, as this can increase the likelihood of pilling.


Care Instructions / ケア方法

After wearing, gently brushing the fabric can help reduce pilling. If pilling does occur, avoid pulling it; instead, carefully trim it with a lint shaver or small scissors, taking care not to cut the knit fabric itself. If odors are present, use steam to refresh the garment while maintaining its shape and allow it to dry.

ピリングが生じた場合、引っ張って除去するのではなく 毛玉取り器や小バサミなどでニット地を切らないよう丁寧にカットして下さい。

Rotation / 着回し

To maintain the integrity of the fibers and prolong the life of your cashmere products, consider wearing them on a rotating schedule, allowing them to rest for 2-3 days between wears.


Washing / 洗濯について

Cashmere's natural resistance to water and stains means that washing is only necessary about once or twice per season. Please refer to the care label and consider having it professionally cleaned.

絵表示を確認の上 クリーニング専門店にご依頼下さい。

Storage / 保管について

Store your cashmere products in a low-humidity environment, using only one type of moth repellent. It's recommended to clean them before storing at the end of the season.