Brand Concept


  • We exclusively use high-quality cashmere to create a knitwear brand designed for everyday wear


  • The name 【UNPAVED】 is derived from the Old French word【paver】 which means "to pave with hard materials in a regular and solid manner." It is interpreted as the opposite, representing "unpaved" or a natural state, to capture the softness and looseness that arises from the natural irregularity of pure cashmere.


Brand Policy


    1. High Quality
      Produced with more than twice the amount of pure and soft cashmere, maintaining its high quality.

    2. Casual Wearability
      Despite being made from cashmere, there's no need to be reserved; these are items designed for everyday wear.

    3. Simplicity and Timelessness
      These are basic items that anyone can wear for an extended period due to their simple and classic design.

    4. Modern Touch
      The products incorporate modern details and utilize the latest machinery and production techniques.
    5. UNISEX
      All products are unisex, designed based on height, and do not discriminate based on the wearer's gender.

    1. 高品質であること

    2. 気軽に着ることができるアイテムであること

    3. シンプルで定番的であること

    4. モダンであること

    5. 着る人の性別を選ばないこと